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Atlas Remote Membership

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What will A.R.M. teach you?

Level 1 Module

Introduction to Krav Maga

As the introduction to Krav Maga, Level One provides the foundation for everything you will learn, moving forward. Footwork and basic striking are featured, but aggression is easily the most important part of Level One. In this video module, you will learn 46 techniques, include the following:

  • Krav Maga Stance
  • Effective Striking Techniques
  • Choke Defenses
  • Groundfighting 101
  • and much, much more...

What is A.R.M.?

Would you like to learn Krav Maga from world class instructors but there isn't an award-winning school near you?

Or maybe you already train at a studio but would like to see techniques broken down and explained in greater detail on your mobile device, whenever you'd like. Or perhaps you're an instructor, and you'd like to get teaching tips and insightful commentary from Black Belt teachers to pass on to your students. Whatever you need, A.R.M. has something for you. Atlas Remote Membership is an online video curriculum for people who'd like to learn Atlas Krav Maga techniques, RESIST skills and more, remotely. Every technique is demonstrated in slow motion so that students can easily analyze and imitate them. To better highlight anatomical motion, we captured every movement with FLIR heat vision cameras and provide teaching points with every technique. Best of all, every video features expert, thought-provoking (and always entertaining) audio commentary from Black Belt instructors like Molotov Mitchell, Terry Bullman, "Handsome" Scott Woods and more. And that's just the Standard Package!

Pro Members can also submit technique and teaching questions to our experts, attend free reviews at our national headquarters and have access to special video content every month from our Chief Instructor, Molotov Mitchell.

What Makes A.R.M. Unique?

  • World Class Instructor Commentary
  • Highest Production Value of any series
  • Slow motion-captured techniques
  • Enhanced motion tracking with FLIR heat vision
  • Motion Graphic Teaching Points for every technique
  • Free personal review at AKM Headquarters (Pro)
  • Black Belt Q&A (Pro)
  • Regular Video Tips from Molotov Mitchell (Pro)

Krav Maga

Hand-to-hand fighting system

As a hand-to-hand fighting system Krav Maga (“close combat” in Hebrew) is recognized for its brutal counter-attacks, solutions for multiple attackers and the ability to end fights quickly. Created by Imi Lichtenfeld during World War II as a tactical response to National Socialist marauders, Krav Maga's history is rich and inspiring. Our system is designed for people of all shapes, sizes and physical conditions, so if you're looking for real-world, no-nonsense techniques to protect you and your loved ones, then Krav Maga is for you.

A.R.M. Director: Molotov Mitchell

As the Founder of Atlas Krav Maga, Molotov Mitchell is an expert combat instructor with numerous awards and certifications.

In addition to Krav Maga, he teaches firearms courses, Escape and evasion, Counter-abduction and more around the world and the United States. In his free time, he serves on the Council for Health and Fitness in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Some of Molotov's credentials:

  • Krav Maga Black Belt (KMA)
  • Krav Maga Practical Instructor (Wingate, Israel)
  • 2015 Defender of Freedom Award (NRA)
  • Certified Instructor for Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun, Personal Protection In and Outside the Home (NRA)
  • Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor (NCDoJ)

Pricing Options

Basic: $99

1 Year Subscription

This includes one video module (i.e. AKM: Level One or RESIST: Outcraft), which can be accessed via password any time you'd like.

Pro: $199

1 Year Subscription

Everything in the Basic Package PLUS the ability to submit questions to our instructors concerning that module, access to special video tips from Molotov Mitchell and a FREE personal review to assess your ability, after you've successfully learned that module.

Friends of Atlas: $1776

Unlimited Subscription

Everything in the PRO Package PLUS unlimited access to all video modules, personal Q&A email access to Molotov, your name (or business name, if you'd prefer) listed in future video credits and publications as well as other private events and special features exclusive to Friends of Atlas.