Krav Maga is the official fighting system of Israeli Defense Forces and Mossad, but it’s not limited to the Holy Land.

For decades, police and military units from around the world have adopted it for tactical self-defense. Hollywood actors use it for physical conditioning. When you train with AKM, you get fit and ferocious. An American federation, Atlas Krav Maga is dedicated to training and equipping citizens with the most authentic and effective Krav Maga in the world. Our Chief Instructor, Molotov Mitchell, has trained and taught with top instructors in seven countries, including Israel, Cuba and Egypt, just to name a few. In addition to providing Tier One Krav Maga, Atlas also offers special communication and business-building skills, to help owners reach the top 1% of profitable martial arts programs.

Why We’re Different

Krav Maga

Molotov Mitchell

  • Founder, Atlas Krav Maga
  • World Record: Fastest Unarmed Gun Disarm
  • Over 40 awards and Certifications
  • Krav Maga Practical Instructor (Wingate Institute, Israel)
  • Hand-to-Hand Chief Instructor, U.S. Protective Services and Global Warfare Center
  • Founder, Triangle Krav Maga Studios (NC)Krav Maga Black Belt
  • Int’l E&E and Counter-Abduction Teaching (Cairo, Chisinau, Glacier Bay, etc.)
  • NRA ‘Defender of Freedom’ RecipientBest-Selling KM Author (Safeguard, RECOIL Magazine)
  • Appointed Council Member, Council for Health and Physical Fitness (Raleigh, NC)
  • Weapons Designer (Hex Tool, Benthic Knife, Brakeline, etc.)
  • CCH Instructor (certified via NC Dept. of Justice)
  • Weapons Instructor (CCH, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Flamethrower, etc.)

Krav & Fitness

Jason Hollowell

Jason loves his wife Caitlin and kids Carter and Charlotte, who measure in the 99th percentile of cuteness. He serves as the Lead Krav Maga Instructor and also teaches BANG! Fitness classes at Triangle Krav Maga, NC’s most award-winning Krav Maga center.


  • Access to the world’s best Krav Maga training
  • Krav Maga Instructor Certifications
  • BANG! Coach Certifications
  • 1% Business Mentoring
  • Optional On-site Seminars w/Molotov Mitchell
  • Optional On-site Phasing
  • Award-winning Social Media Promotions
  • Fight Dub Training and Film Involvement
  • Advanced Movement and Scenario Training
  • A.R.M. Training Videos
  • Police and Military Tactical Certifications
  • Invitation to Special Events at AKM HQ
  • Hero Academy Kids Training and Certification
  • Free Instructor Training and Certification for Owners through Level 5

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